The Case IH company provides High powerful and reliable agricultural machinery, financial services, as well as parts and service support for farmers and commercial operators through a network of dealers and distributors. Case IH is a brand of farming equipment. It was established in 1985 when Tenneco acquired selected assets of the farming division from International Harvester and joined it into its J.I. Case Company.

Case IH Tractors Price List USA 

CASE IH Straddle Series Tractors

Engineered from the ground up to produce durable and reliable performance, the JX Straddle series tractor is what you would expect from Case IH. The Case IH JX Straddle series (CASE IH Straddle JX60, CASE IH Straddle JX70, CASE IH Straddle JX80, CASE IH Straddle JX90, CASE IH Straddle JX95) tractor combines the power and strength you require in demanding applications.

CASE IH OPTUM Series Tractors

CASE IH Optum series (OPTUM 270 CVT , OPTUM 300 CVT) tractors are designed to meet the customer requires power, dimensions, comfort, weight, and hydraulic capacity. With this flexibility, the CASE IH Optum tractor gives on everything from roading and haulage applications to planting, tillage, and seeding, and hay and forage operations.

Case IH Magnum Series Tractors

Case IH Magnum Series (Magnum 180, Magnum 200, Magnum 220, Magnum 240, Magnum 250, Magnum 280, Magnum 310, Magnum 340 and Magnum 380) Tractors ultimate mix of industry-leading horsepower and fuel efficiency. It is available in track or wheel configurations. All Model Year 2019 Case IH Magnum tractors will include a 3-year, 2,000-hour factory warranty.

CASE IH Puma Series Tractors

Case IH Puma Series (Puma 150, Puma 165, Puma 150 CVT, Puma 165 CVT, Puma 185, Puma 200, Puma 220, Puma 185 CVT, Puma 200 CVT, Puma 220 CVT, Puma 240 CVT) Tractors are efficient, multipurpose workhorses produced to handle a variety of tasks on livestock, mixed crop, and dairy operations.

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