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Changes created in the rules of the grant amount, now you will get the advantage of subsidy like this

To provide affordable agricultural equipment to farmers, the benefits of subsidies on agricultural machinery are offered to farmers by the state.

To do this, the schemes are implemented at the state and central levels. In this case, the Bihar state government Bihar offers subsidies on machines for agriculture to farmers of Bihar. 

In the Krishi Yantra Anudan Yojana, farmers are offered subsidies as high as 80 percent for more than 90 kinds of agricultural equipment.

In this scheme, various subsidy programs are offered to farmers in the state. The machines are different which vary between 40 and 80 percent. 

The scheme currently is being implemented for farmers in the Kishanganj district in Bihar. 

To receive subsidies on agricultural equipment, farmers in the district can avail this scheme by contacting the closest Agriculture Department or Horticulture Department. 

Today, we will provide information regarding Krishi Yantra anuran Yojana Bihar within this article.

Now Up To 80% Subsidy Will Be Available On 90 Agricultural Machines - Know Full Information

Now farmers will be able to buy 90 types of agricultural machines

In the Agricultural Machinery Grant Scheme of Government, benefits of this grant will be given to 90 different types of agricultural equipment. 

We will tell you that this grant was previously available only for 10 agricultural machinery.

Intending to meet the demands of farmers from the district and the need of the district, it is now the Agriculture Department is now providing the benefit of subsidy for 90 varieties of agricultural equipment to farmers. 

It will be simpler for farmers in the area to do working in horticulture and agriculture.

Agricultural Machinery subsidy Yojana

Regarding the requirements of farmers in the Kishangarh district in Bihar, the Bihar state government has announced a grant in the range of the number of Rs. 

1 crore and 48 lakh to purchase agriculture machinery. In the past, this amount was 21 lakh. The government has stated that the grant amount could be between 40 and 80 percent to purchase different agricultural equipment within the district.

90 agricultural machines are divided into three categories

To provide the benefits of subsidies to farmers, agricultural machinery is classified into 3 categories. 

This makes it simpler for applicants to get subsidies. The three categories are: These three categories are as follows:

  • Category I – More than 30 plants are included in this category in Crop Residue Management.
  • Second category: 10 pumps and machines that are used to harvest and horticulture have been included within this.
  • The third category- In this category, around 50 instruments are included for various categories.

40 lakh rupees will be given on these agricultural machines

The government will provide the most generous amount of subsidies on agricultural machinery employed in the harvesting process and gardening. 

Up to 40 lakh rupees are offered by the government for these machines for agriculture. To give you more details, let us inform you that the primary agriculture of the district is the growing of pineapples and tea leaves. 

The farmers can avail the benefits of subsidies provided by the government so that they can boost their incomes by growing higher-quality crops.

Changes have been made in the rules of grant amount

The guidelines for the number of grants were changed by the state government. This will directly benefit farmers. 

This means that the agricultural machinery will be delivered directly to the company that manufactures it. 

This means that farmers can avoid middlemen, and it will be much easier for farmers to purchase agriculture equipment.

Documents required for application in Bihar Agricultural Machinery Grant Scheme

To apply for Bihar Krishi Yatra’s Anudan Yojana, the farmers will require certain documents. They are as follows:

  • photograph of the applicant
  • Voter ID Card
  • Certificate of grade
  • Certificate of ownership of land
  • value invoice receipt

Where to apply to get subsidy in Bihar Agricultural Machinery Grant Scheme

Farmers interested in applying for Bihar Krishi Yantra Anudan Yojana should get in touch for more information at the Agriculture Department or Horticulture Department of the Kishangarh district. Additionally, Bihar farmers can also obtain more information by calling the call center at 1800-180-1551.

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