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Get To Know The Rotavator’s Features, Benefits, And Price

Rotavator is an agricultural tractor-operated machine used to prepare farms. It’s used to prepare the soil for seed beds. 

This involves breaking, churning, and preparing the soil before planting. Rotavator enhances soil health and helps to improve the efficiency of agriculture. 

We are providing the details about the Tractor-powered rotavator. Additionally, we will also inform you about the most efficient rotavator that is available for a reasonable cost.

Tractor Driven Rotavator: Know, Rotavator Price and Benefits

Helps In Eliminating The Sugarcane Residue As Well As Maize And Wheat.

Rotavators can be used in the preparation of the soil for the planting of seed beds and also remove the residue of crops such as wheat, maize, sugarcane, and so on.

Rotavators can also assist in improving the nutrition of soil and saving time, fuel, and energy. Tractors that rotate help prepare the land for farming efficiently.

Specifications In Tractor Driven Rotavator

  • The Rotavator can be used to plow any kind of soil.
  • The rotavator can be used for plowing soil to the depth of 125 mm-1500mm.
  • It quickly prepares the soil it removes the remains that were left from previous crops from the soil. This maximizes the use of the water.
  • The rotavator is adjustable according to the specifications that the soil has.
  • It can be utilized to grow any type of crop, but especially to reverse.
  • It’s able to work efficiently both in wet and dry regions.
  • This allows the sowing of seeds more efficiently. This saves time.
  • It can be moved around in any of the fields.
  • The most notable feature of the rotavator is that after plowing it is not required to be planted in fields.
  • Its cover box protects the gearbox from rocks and other foreign objects when working out in the field. The depth of tillage can be adjustable between 4 and 8 inches by using the side skids.
  • The majority of rotavators come with springs that are automated to adjust the training board. This allows them to be used in wet and dry areas.

The Advantages Of A Tractor Operated Rotating Rotavator

  • In less time, the field is ready to sow for the following crop.
  • The rotavator is suitable for both soft and hard soils.
  • Because of their robust design, they have less vibration.
  • The most appealing thing about a Rotavator is that it needs minimal maintenance costs.
  • A rotavator is a machine with sharp blades that change the soil’s condition in a short period. The tractor rotavator equipment is of minimal cost to the farmer.
  • The most important feature of the rotavator is its blades that rotate and twist to allow for an even and smooth motion of soil. The blades are constructed from top-quality materials, which means they are less susceptible to spoilage, which is why farmers can easily use them.
  • The rotavator has steel blades that are boron-based, and also comes with a gear drive, which means that it can last for a long period.

The Tractor-Operated Rotavator Cost

The cost of a tractor-driven rotavator could range between Rs 20,000 and Rs 20 lakh. The price of a rotavator is based on the model, style, and class, like the mini tractor rotavator, brand, and size of the rotavator. 

For example, 7 feet rotavator price, 6 feet rotavator price, and small tractor rotavator price vary.

Top Tractor-Powered Rotavator For India

There are many manufacturers of rotavators in the market, however, we’re here to offer you the details of affordable prices, high-quality and long-lasting rotavators.

KS Group Rotavator

KS Group Rotavator

The rotavator falls under the tillage class with an estimated weight of 460kg and a reasonable price. 

48 blades are included in the unit. It comes in sizes of 5,6,7 and 8. Its capacity is 1 acre every hour.

Shaktimaan Regular Light

Shaktimaan Regular Light

The Regular Light is part of the category of tillage, with a power of 25 to 65 HP. Its weight ranges from 339 and 429 kilograms. It also comes at an affordable price.

Bullz Power Double Rotor Duro+

Bullz Power Double Rotor Duro+

This Double Rotor Duro+ comes in the tillage class and can implement 30-90 HP. They also come at a reasonable price. Prices range from 1.15 Lakh* to 1.45 Lakh*.


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