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Know the essential things to keep in mind in soybean cultivation

Soybean occupies a distinct place in the oilseed crop. India has a production capacity of twelve million tonnes of soybean. 

In India, most soybean is grown by farmers in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan. 

Farmers can make good money from cultivating soybeans during the Kharif season. To reap the highest yield of soybean, farmers need to be aware of a few important aspects.

Farmers should adopt these tips for bumper production of soybean - know complete information

When to implant soybean

Soybeans should be sown by farmers only when there is sufficient rainfall (100 millimeters) within their respective areas. Soiling soybean should not take place in areas that receive less than this.

How to choose a type

To prevent the potential loss, the farmer must be more inclined to cultivate 3 recommended varieties that are ripe in different periods in his field rather than planting a single type of soybean.

The seed rate should be calculated as a measure of the quality of the seeds (minimum 70 percent Germination).

Only seeds that have been certified should be used to sow soybeans.

If the seeds saved from last time are now being utilized in their fields It is recommended to be treated before that.

How to Sow Soyabean

  • Soybean seeds should be planted in rows that make it simpler to remove plants.
  • To minimize the damage caused by weather conditions (drought conditions, excessive rain, etc. ) Soybean must be planted using the BBF method or the ridge and furrow methods.
  • Sowing the soybeans on rows use less spreading varieties such as Js. 93-05, J.S. Row-to-row length at the time of sowing 95-60. is 40cms. It is recommended to keep
  • In contrast, you can find more widely distributed varieties like J.S. 335 or NRC 7 J.S. 45 cm for distances between 97 and 52 should be maintained.
  • Distance from plant to plant is between 4 and 5 centimeters. It should be until
  • The seeds are to be planted about 3 cm. m. is recommended to plant them in the depth of.

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