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Animal husbandry and dairy business will get a boost in the Gauthans of villages

The emphasis is placed on increasing the production of milk the country by government officials. At the present, the need for milk across the nation isn’t being met as well. 

To address this, farmers are being urged by the government to set up the establishment of dairy and animal husbandry units. 

In this process, Gauthans have been built for animal husbandry through The Government of Chhattisgarh. 

The cow’s milk is taken and then sold. Additionally, numerous dairy-based products can also be produced out of milk. Milk production is very high because of the huge amount of Gauthans living in the state. 

The state government is making efforts authorities to boost the amount of milk consumed (sales). In this regard, the state government will create an action plan to boost sales (sales) of milk from Gauthans. This will be beneficial to the farmers of livestock in this area.

These measures will be taken to increase the sale of dairy products

State government gave instructions to the officers

In the last few days, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has asked the officers to take proper measures regarding the use of the milk produced by the Gauthans and for fodder for the animals, to promote animal husbandry as well as dairy businesses within the Gauthans of the villages. In this regard, the officers have been asked to come up with a new action plan. 

He added that in the same way that farmers are benefits from the Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojana and similarly because drinking milk from the dairies that are operated by Gauthans and the provision of fodder to animals, cattle owners will also be benefited and encouraged to undertake livestock care.

Milk should be made available to children in Anganwadi centers and schools

Chief Minister Baghel stated that arrangements must be made for the supply of milk to children who are part of the mid-day meal program at the Anganwadi schools and Anganwadi centers of the villages in cooperation together with the administration of the district. 

This way, cattle farmers will receive an equitable price for their milk. This will help encourage rural livestock husbandry. 

Cow mothers will be provided with food. As a result of the increasing supply of dairy products in the rural regions, their nutritional value will be improved. 

Chief Minister Baghel has directed that the chief secretary develop an action plan in this regard.

The Chief Minister issued these instructions when addressing an online program that was organized for the distribution of grant money to the beneficiaries of the Government’s Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme.

The amount distributed to the beneficiaries of Godhan Nyay Yojana (Godhan Nyay Yojana)

In this program ceremony, the Chief Minister handed out money to the beneficiaries of the Godhan Nyay Yojana in his office at home.

In the course of the event, the Chief Minister announced online a sum of in the amount of. Of this between June 15 and June 30, 3.69 crores were paid as a substitute for cow dung that was purchased from cattle-raising villagers, farmers, and landless Gauthans of the state. 

Gauthans within the state. 4.31 crore was paid to Gauthan Committees, as well as 2.84 million to women’s organizations. 

In addition as part of the State Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme, He also gave a grant of 13.63 million to 25 recipients on the accounts of recipients.

Discussion with the livestock farmers of these villages

In the course of the event, via video conference the Chief Minister spoke with those who benefit from livestock husbandry within Potgaon Gauthan of Kanker district, Bolbola Gauthan of Kondagaon, Puraina Khapri Gauthan of Balodabazar, Mohalai Gauthan of Durg and Bansian Gauthan of Raigad and offered them to them through the government of India. 

The Chief Minister also was asked about the grant amount as well as the amount of milk being offered within the village.

Schemes operated for milch cattle farmers of Chhattisgarh Government

Numerous beneficial schemes are operated through the government of the State to help the farmers who rear milch animals such as cows buffalo, etc. 

A brief description of these schemes is as follows:

State Dairy Udmita Vikas Yojana State Dairy Udmita Vikas Yojana In this scheme, subsidies are offered to farmers to purchase up to 2 milch animals.

Farmers can avail of subsidy for two milch livestock (cow or buffalo). The government has set the price for 2 animals at Rs . 1 lakh and 40 thousand.

The government has a plan for a subsidy of 50 percent (0.70 lakh) for farmers in the general category in addition to 66.6 percent (0.932 thousand) for farmers belonging to the SC/ST category.

Eligible farmers can avail themselves of an unsecured loan from a bank through the scheme.

Godhan Nyay Yojana 

Godhan Nyay Yojana In this scheme, cow excrement is purchased from farmers at a rate of two rupees for each kilogram. The purpose of this program is to motivate farmers to engage in cattle rearing.

Livestock Insurance Scheme Chhattisgarh

Livestock Insurance Scheme Chhattisgarh Under this scheme, animals are protected. If an animal dies accidentally that is caused by the animal insured then, under this scheme the government will arrange the amount guaranteed to the owner to purchase a replacement animal. The insurance claim is made to the owner.

Pashudhan Mitra Yojana 

Pashudhan Mitra Yojana In this scheme, if there aren’t any Pashudhan Mitra or Pashu Sewa Kendras within the State, Pashu Mitras were appointed as well as animal services centers have been set up. 

To be a Pashumitra first you need to be certified by the department concerned to be an animal friend. 

To work as an animal friend it is essential to be educated through the Gausevak program of the Chhattisgarh government or under the private artificial insemination plan. 

The role that is performed Pashudhan Mitra is to provide information to livestock farmers about the health and vaccinations of the animal.

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