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Know, high-yielding varieties of millet and procedure of sowing

It’s time to plant millet. Bajra and maize are typically grown during the Kharif season, particularly in Rajasthan. 

In addition, millet is also grown throughout Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, and Madhya Pradesh. 

One of the main advantages of millet farming is that it needs less water, and it can withstand extreme temperatures. Millet is also a crop that rarely requires any special attention.

Sow These 5 Improved Varieties Of Millet, There Will Be Bumper Yield

Use of millet

Bajra can also be used for making bajra roti, creating the millet churma as well as wine and beer making. In addition, millet is fed to livestock as porridge and chickens as grain. 

The millet’s green food source is healthy for animals. Today, with TractorJunction we will provide details on the varieties that will give a greater millet yield to the farmers.

Farmers sow these improved types this year

Farmers must select their crops according to their district or state. This will help farmers receive higher yields and it will be simpler to handle the threat of diseases and pests. The main improved millet varieties are listed below:

1. RHB 177

This type of Bajra matures between 70 and 74 days. This particular variety of millet Jogia is resistant to disease and drought-resistant. 

The yield of this particular variety of Bajra can be achieved at a rate of 42-43 quintals for each hectare.

2. H.H.B. 299

The millet variety matures between 80 and 81 days. This millet variety is resistant to pests and diseases that are major. 

The yield ranges from 30-32 quintals for each hectare is achievable from this millet variety.

3. RHB 234 

The millet variety matures between 80 and 81 days. This variety is immune to the green ear virus as well as blast disease.

The yield ranges from between 30 and 31 quintals to a hectare possible from this millet variety.

4. RHB 223 

The millet variety matures within 70-71 days. This millet variety Jogia is resistant to disease and drought-resistant. 

The harvest from this variety of millet could be at a rate of between 28 and 30 quintals for each hectare.

5. MPMH-17 

Millet matures in just 80 days. The yield from this variety of millet is at a rate of between 26 and 28 quintals per acre. Jogia is a millet selection. Jogia is disease-resistant.

Other useful varieties of millet

H.H.B. 67-2 

H.H.B. 67-2 – This kind of millet is ready in 62 to 65 days. This millet variety is ideal for early and late sowing. The yield of this variety of millet is at a rate between 22 and 25 quintals per acre.

I.C.M.V. 221

I.C.M.V. 221 – This variety is expected to mature within 75 to 80 days. Its yield average is 15 quintals/ha. Fodder yields are 35 quintals/ha. This variety is not susceptible to green leaf disease.


Raj-171-This pollinated free variety matures in between 80 and 85 days. In the grain yield, it was determined as 20 quintals per ha, and the fodder yield was estimated to be 48 quintals/ha. This variety is immune to green leaf disease.

I.C.M.B. 84400 

I.C.M.B. 84400Crop time is between 80 and 100 days, and the day-average yields are 21-22 quintals. dry feed yield is around 68 quintals/ha.

W. CC 75 

W. CC 75 One is superior to the native varieties. The variety is ready within 70-80 days and has a yield of 18-20 quintal grains and 85-90 quintal bitters per 1 hectare.

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