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Know, to avoid fraud and what to keep in mind while filling the scheme form 

PM Awas Yojana is operated for the benefit of the citizens of the nation. Through this scheme, both urban and rural people get houses at affordable costs. 

The objective of this scheme is to be targeted economically weaker individuals. However, there have been several cases of this scheme where people were deceived of their funds through fraud. 

The guidelines are in place to avoid such situations. In this regard, it is important to keep a few aspects in mind when applying to ensure that you don’t end up the victim of fraud under this scheme. 

We are going to share the following five tips with you to make sure you are not a victim of any type of fraud and that your dream of going home could also be a reality. Let’s look at the important things to remember when applying for the PM Awas Yojana.

New guidelines of PM Awas Yojana released, now apply like this

Do not share Aadhar card details with any unknown person

Aadhar card is mandatory in every scheme. Aadhar card is mandatory in all schemes of the present and is associated with an account at the banks. 

So, if your Aadhar card ends up in unintentional hands all information about your bank account will be accessed by the person. In this scenario, someone can take advantage of the card. 

Don’t divulge the details of your Aadhar card to any person. If you are required to apply to any scheme, then do it yourself and then apply for an Aadhar card. 

Let us inform you that these days there is a huge demand for Aadhar cards across the globe. If you are a holder of an Aadhar card, there’s no issue getting registered anyplace.

Fill the bank details carefully

In the format of this scheme, you’ll be requested to give your bank details including the name of the bank at which has an account, the account number, and whether it’s linked to Aadhaar as well since the subsidy funds received through this scheme will be deposited into the account.

The details of your account will provide in the form of an application. Therefore, great care must be exercised when filling in the bank information. 

If you do If you’re careless, and do not pay attention, you may be cheated and your account could be in a state of depletion at the sight. 

Remember that when filling in your bank details, you need to ensure that you complete them correctly. 

Of course, you should never disclose your bank information to anyone you are not familiar with.

Do not give money to an unknown person in the name of getting a house

There is a growing amount of fraud being committed in the name of obtaining an apartment through the government scheme. 

Everyone wants his own house, but in the same situation, fraudsters are able to cheat the system of the government scheme. 

So, once you have gotten all the details about the scheme, you should enroll in it and refrain from giving money to anyone who is claiming to be part of this scheme. 

If you are approached by someone asking for cash in exchange for a home under this scheme, you must immediately call the toll-free number of Prime Minister Awas Yojana.

PM Awas Yojana: Do not share OTP and ATM PIN number

When you apply for the PM Awas Yojana, you will be provided with an OTP number that is helpful to verify your identity. 

Don’t give out the OTP that is on your phone to an unknown person. In addition don’t divulge your ATM PIN, which is highly confidential to anyone else. 

By doing this, you could be liable to incur a financial loss. You could be scammed of cash.

The documents listed above are mandatory to be submitted for the PM Awas Yojana

There are some essential documents you need to submit to apply for The PM Awas Yojana . The list of documents required for applications is as follows:

1. Documents for employees who are salaried

If you are a salaried worker and want to apply for the PM Awas Yojana, then you’ll need the required documents listed below.

identity certificate

You must have your ID card with you. For this, you can use a Voter ID, Aadhar Card, Passport, Driving License, any photo ID card issued by the government, or a letter issued by any other valid authority.

Address proof

As address proof or address proof, you should have your voter card, aadhar card, passport, life insurance policy, rent agreement on stamp paper, and address written on the bank passbook.

Income certificate

As proof of income, you should have 6 monthly bank statements, ITR ie income tax return receipt, and salary slip for the last 2 months.

Property certificate

For proof of property or proof of property, you must have sales deeds, sales/purchase agreements, and property registration certificate, or a payment receipt.

Documents for the Non-Salaried Class 

If you fall into the non-salaried employee category, then you’ll require the following documents to be eligible for this scheme.

Identification certificate

PAN Card Voter ID Aadhar Card Passport Driving License or any photo ID issued by the government, Letter issued by an authorized authority.

Evidence of address

For proof of address, you can Utilize As Address Proof You Can Use: Voter Card, Aadhar Card, Passport as well as utility Bill Copy, including Telephone Bill Gas Bill, and Electricity Bill. 

In addition bank statement for the three months or more from any nationalized commercial bank and the address on the savings account at the post office and life insurance policies, residency address certificate, rent agreement on stamp paper, and address printed on bank passbook may be used as evidence of address.

Income certificate

Non-salaried people can file an ITR, also known as an income tax return for the 2 most recent years to prove their income.

Profit and balance sheet and loss balance

You can submit the last six months’ savings statement as well as the current account statement for 6 months for a business entity.

for proof of property

  • Property documents
  • Copy of the agreement
  • Allotment letter if available
  • Payment receipt

These documents must be presented if you’re the owner of a store or firm, or any other company you’re the proprietor of a shop firm, a company, or other the proof of address is required in this manner.

  • The Certificate of Establishment and Shop
  • trade license certificate
  • SSI registration certificate
  • pan card
  • Sales Tax / VAT Certificate
  • Partnership Deeds in the case of Firm
  • Factory registration certificate
  • export import code certificate

In the above paragraphs, we have provided you with the information on the documents required during the application process for PM Awas Yojana. 

This is so that you can complete the application form for PM Awas Yojana and stay clear of being a victim of fraud.

Helpline numbers of PM Awas Yojana

We also give you the information on the helpline number for PM Awas Yojana to ensure you can contact them if you encounter any issues with the scheme, you can receive assistance and register your complaint with the scheme. These helpline numbers are the following:

  • Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Rural) Helpline Number 1800-11-6446
  • Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban, NHB) 1800-11-3377 1800-11-3388, 1800-11-663 (Urban, HUDCO)
  • State Level Toll-Free number – 18003456527
  • The mobile number, or WhatsApp number: 7004193202

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