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A safe procedure for ripening fruits

The fruits are fresh for a while after being taken from the tree. After that, they start to deteriorate. Farmers and fruit sellers will suffer greatly if the fruits are not stored properly. 

Fruits can get spoiled while being transported to distant markets or markets. This causes them to have to sell the fruit at a lower price. Today, there are many ways to preserve fruits for long periods so they don’t rot.

There are many ways to ripen fruit today, but the most traditional and effective is the ripening method or technique. 

This allows the fruit to be preserved for a long period without any damage. We are sharing with you today, TractorJunction’s post, the best ways to preserve fruits for a long period.

Know the new technique of ripening fruits farmers will benefit

What is Ripping Technique

This is the easiest and most popular way to cook fruit. This method involves a cold storage unit with a small chamber to allow the fruit to ripen.

This chamber releases ethylene gas, which causes the fruit to quickly ripen. This method does not pose any danger to the fruit. This method is used to ripen bananas, papaya, and mango.

Use the ripening process to ripen fruits

The safest and most efficient way to ripen fruits is by using the ripening method. This will allow you to keep your fruits fresh for a longer time. 

This method does not affect the quality of the fruits. This is a modern technology that allows for the premature ripening and preservation of fruits. This technique is used by large fruit vendors to preserve the fruits for a long period.

The government gets a subsidy for printing technology

Ripening technology is eligible for subsidy by the government. This subsidy is used to provide assistance for cold storage construction.

 The government provides a subsidy of 35 to 50% to farmers to help them build cold storage.

Different traditional ways of cooking fruits

  • The fruit will ripen quickly and remain safe if it is pressed in the private. Although this is a cheaper method, it can take longer to ripen the fruit.
  • You can also cook the fruit ahead of time by placing it in a para, sack, and between the straws and the grain. This will allow the fruit to ripen.
  • Wrapping the fruit in the paper helps to preserve its freshness.

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