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What are the rules for making KCC? and what instructions have been given to banks know here

Farmers need to have enough money to purchase seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. to sow the Kharif crop. 

Farmers who are in poor financial standing need loans to finance this purchase. Farmers often borrow money from their local moneylender, which can lead to high-interest rates. 

The central government launched the Kisan credit card scheme to free farmers from the debts of moneylenders. 

The scheme provides loans to farmers through cooperative banks at extremely low interest. These loans can be used to finance all agricultural requirements by farmers. 

The central government expects banks to speedily make KCC available to farmers to ensure that loans are made available to farmers when they are ready.

Kisan Credit Card If KCC Is Not Made In 15 Days Then Complain Here

Agriculture Minister gave instructions to bank officials 

Amarendra Pratap Singh, Bihar Agriculture Minister, stated that farmers shouldn’t be harassed. He also instructed banks to speed up the formation of KCC for farmers to get the benefits of the scheme.

He expressed dissatisfaction with the way banks are functioning to make KCC and said that banks must improve their functioning to speed up the process for farmers to become KCC. 

At Krishi Bhawan, the Agriculture Minister spoke at the meeting of the State Level Bankers Committee. 

He instructed the bank officials to not allow KCC applications from farmers to be pending. Also, to speed up the making of KCC. For this, he spoke about regular monitoring.

What are the instructions to central government banks about making KCC?

The central government has instructed banks to make KCC within two weeks of the application’s deadline. 

The government may also conduct campaigns at the village level to obtain KCC from time to time. KCC facility’s main purpose is to offer low-interest loans to farmers.

If there is a problem in getting KCC made, then where should the farmer complain?

Farmers who are having trouble getting KCC made, or are concerned about the attitude of the bank. 

If you have any problems with making KCC, contact the Banking Ombudsman. The Banking Ombudsman can be contacted to complain about the location of the branch or bank office.

Apart from this, you can visit the link of the official website of RBI Customers can contact the Kisan Credit Card helpline at 0120-6025109/ 155261.

Following the step for the Application form for KCC is easy on PM Kisan portal

On the website of PM Kisan, the option of Download KCC Form is given on the right side of the Forms tab. 

Farmers can then download the form to apply for a credit card. Once the form is printed, it must be completed. 

The farmer will then need to fill out the form and send it to his local commercial bank. Once the card has been issued, the bank will inform the farmer. 

This card will then be sent to the address of the farmer. This form can be used to apply for a new credit card, increase the limit on an existing card, or open a discontinued credit card.

Farmer Follow the step fill KCC form

The PM Kisan Portal has a one-page form that is very easy to fill out. This form is easy to fill out. It is easy to fill out.

  • The farmer must fill out this form by indicating the name of the bank and the details of the branch.
  • You must tick the box to get a new credit card.
  • Other than that, the name and bank account of the applicant will need to be filled in for PM Kisan Yojana.
  • The bank will match the PM Kisan account with all other required information (KYC). It is not necessary to perform KYC again for this.
  • It is mandatory to provide information about any agricultural loans you have. This will tell you how much land you own in Khatauni. Name of the village, Survey/Khasra number. Information on how many acres are available and what crop will be sown, i.e. The form will require Rabi, Kharif, or any other information. A declaration must also be made that you do not have any other Kisan Credit Cards from any bank branch.

Which documents will be required to get KCC made?

To get KCC done, you will need the following documents:

  • In the field papers, a copy of Khasra Khatauni must be submitted.
  • For the farmer’s residency certificate, i.e., a PAN card, Aadhar card or voter ID, driving license, or any other approved government ID, you can submit a PAN card, Aadhar card, voter ID, driving license, or any other approved ID. Proof of address
  • The affidavit where the farmer must state whether any loans have been outstanding from another bank.
  • Photograph of the applicant in passport size
  • Completed and signed application form
  • The Bank’s internal guidelines may mean that applicants may need to be aware of possible variations in the formalities and documents they submit. This list does not include all of the original documents.

How much interest is charged on taking a loan from KCC

Agriculture has a 9 percent interest rate. The government provides a subsidy of 2 %. It comes out to 7 percent. 

However, if you return your loan on time, you can get a 3 percent discount. Farmers who take out loans from KCC will pay a 4 percent interest rate. A farmer can obtain a loan of up to Rs 35,000 through this scheme.

Animal husbandry and fishermen can also make KCC?

Agriculture has a 9 percent interest rate. The government provides a subsidy of 2 %. It comes out to 7 percent. 

However, if you return your loan on time, you can get a 3 percent discount. Farmers who take out loans from KCC will pay a 4 percent interest rate. A farmer can obtain a loan of up to Rs 35,000 through this scheme.

What works loan is available from KCC

Farmers can get loans through Kisan Credit Card Yojana to meet their various needs. These are the works that can be funded by loans from KCC

  • To meet short-term credit requirements for the cultivation of crops
  • post-harvest expenses
  • Produce marketing loan
  • The Farmer Family’s Consumption Requirements
  • Working capital to support the maintenance of farm assets, and other agriculture-related activities
  • For investment credit requirements in agriculture and related activities, loans can also be obtained. 

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