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The John Deere 5 Series utility tractors have received upgrades for 2023 model year, with more options for configuration, including more horsepower as well as a luxurious cabin.

“Across the whole 5 Series lineup, customers are now able to select a tractor that is suitable for their requirements and budget and also to modify options to fit the job they have to complete,” says Greg Christensen Marketing manager at John Deere.


John Deere 5M Series tractors

The 5M tractors that came out in 2022 received updates with the help of AutoTrac guidance integration, as well as other options for transmission. In 2023 the 5M will be getting an increase in performance and versatility.

Deere has added four new four-cylinder models of the 5M The models are the 5095M, 5105M and 5120M as well as the 5130M. These models will have the same engine as the larger utility tractor 6M and will add 5 HP to the maximum horsepower that was available in earlier model year 2022 versions.

The low-profile and high-crop models 5105MH, 5105ML 5120ML and 5130ML will also receive a power increase.

A bar-axle alternative on the 5M provides operators with the capability to alter tire spacings up at 90 inches. The idea is to reduce injury to crops when baling windrows with wide widths, and also provide greater stability when mowing up hills. The tire spacing can be reduced to correspond with row spacings for row crop applications. The bar axle comes with the possibility of including duals.

There are three options for transmissions on the 2023 5M tractor. All of the transmissions will feature an left-hand reverser that allows to allow directional changes.

Its PowrReverser transmission, which is available on 75- to 120 horsepower models, comes with the option of two levers for changing the gears and ranges.

The PowrQuad Plus or Powr8 transmissions, offered in 95- and 130 horsepower models, comes with one shift lever, without the requirement of an foot clutch.


John Deere 5E Series Tractors

Deere has added three brand new model numbers to the three-cylinder models in the series 5E, making 4 models, the 5050E 5060E 5067E, and the 5075E. Each model will come in a standard or open-operating cab or a premium cabin.

The top cab option is a new feature on the 3-cylinder 5E models. The new cab comes with the right-hand console has been redesigned and comes with electronic quick raise/lower buttons that are at preset depths to accommodate tools. The cab is also equipped with an air ride seat that can be adjusted with an instructor seat that is factory installed, Bluetooth radios, USB port, and an audio device that is compatible to mobile phones.

Furthermore the 2023 5E models include an engine that doesn’t require emission-related regen, more tires and the option of a genuine third-function mid-valve that can be used for grapple and loader operation.

“These simple-to-use tractors are ideal for property owners in rural areas who require the ability to move dirt, rocks or logs and are able to provide enough power for part-time farmers as well as ranchers who must create hay, move bales of hay, and feed livestock,” Christensen said.


The brand new 2023 John Deere Series 5 tractor models are available for buy today, and will be available for purchase in November. For more details, visit

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