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Learn the application process for solar panel installation works.

Solar energy is propagated by the government to help alleviate the power shortage. To do this, under the rooftop scheme, subsidies are offered by the state government to citizens who live in the country, to install solar panels on the roofs of their houses. 

The objective that the government has is to decrease the amount of electricity consumed across the country and increase the use of solar energy so that people have access to electricity at affordable prices. 

The most significant benefit to installing solar panels is the fact that you be required to invest money just once. 

Then you’ll get electricity at no cost for 20 years. In this article, We are providing you details on the amount of the subsidy you’ll receive through the government’s Rooftop scheme, the best place you can apply, what documents will be required, and more.

Install solar panels on the roof of the house on subsidy, there will be relief in electricity bill

You can avail free electricity for 20 years

Installing solar panels onto the roofs of your home You can avail of electricity that is free for around 20 years. 

In the Rooftop program which is a government-sponsored scheme, you will receive subsidies from the government to install solar panels, and the remainder of the cost you invest in installing solar panels would be covered in five years. 

Following this, you’ll be eligible to enjoy the benefits of electricity for no cost for the following 20 years. This way, you can enjoy electricity for 24 hours at a very low cost.

Up to 50 percent relief in electricity bill

If you put solar panels onto the rooftop of your home You will be able to enjoy relief from the enormous electric bill that is due every month.

 After installing solar panels your electric bill will be cut by half. After the installation of solar panels, your electricity bill will decrease by 30 to 50 percent. 

In addition, you won’t need to pay for the electricity that you obtain from solar power. This can provide you with some relief. 

In addition but if you produce additional energy on top of the electricity you require and you want to make money trading it off to the grid.

How much subsidy will be given for installing solar panels?

The subsidy provided by the government for the installation of solar plants depends on how many kilowatt solar plants you install you put in. In this way, the benefits of subsidy are given to the user.

About what is happening in the state of Uttar Pradesh, different subsidies are provided on different Kilowatt solar panels, for the State New and Renewable Energy Development Agency The policy can be described as follows:

  • A subsidy of 40 percent will be offered to set up one to three kg of rooftop solar panels.

  • Over 3 kg as well as up to 10 kW. A rebate of up to 20 percent will be provided.
  • Additionally, 20 percent of the subventions will be provided by the government for solar power plants that are up to 500 kW in size for housing societies.

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