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Find out what is dragon fruit, and what is its cost and advantages

Efforts are being made by the government to boost the earnings of farmers. To achieve this the government is encouraging farmers to quit traditional agriculture for the cultivation of spice and horticulture.

In this way, the benefits of government subsidy are also provided to farmers to help with cultivating dragon fruits. 

To cultivate dragon fruit, on behalf of the Haryana government, a grant of around 1.20 lakh rupees is provided by the government to farmers in the state.

Farmers can avail benefit of subsidies by submitting applications to the scheme. 

In addition, the demand for dragon fruit is high and its price is higher than other fruit. Farmers can earn thousands of rupees through its cultivation. 

Today, we will provide information about the subsidy that is available to farmers who grow dragon fruit.

1.20 Lakh Subsidy Will Be Given On Dragon Fruit Cultivation, Farmers Will Benefit

What is Dragon Fruit and its Benefits (Dragon Fruit Farming)

Dragon fruit isn’t an Indian fruit, however, it is delicious. Because of its health advantages, demand in India has increased dramatically. 

This is the reason why in our country Punjab, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, etc. 

States produce it at the highest level. Alongside using the dragon fruit as a fresh fruit it is also used to make jam and production jelly, ice cream and wine, fruit juice as well as others. 

The fruit is delicious to take in. In addition, it has the potential to treat many serious diseases.

Dragon fruit price 

The cost of dragon fruits in India ranges from 200-250 rupees for a kilogram. The fruit is extremely productive even in places that have less rainfall. 

Farmers can earn profits of thousands of dollars by cultivating it. Apart from dragon fruit, subsidies will also be given to the production of these fruits.

The subsidy benefit is offered by the Haryana government. Haryana government to farmers for the planting of diverse fruit orchards. 

Through this plan, the benefits of government subsidy are provided to farmers to cultivate the fruits like dragon fruit, chikoo berry amla, guava, pear, pomegranate grapes, litchi, lemon fruits, mango, papaya,  alucha grapes, and so on.

How much subsidy will be available on Dragon Fruit Cultivation?

For the planting of fruit orchards, farmers in the state are provided with a subsidy as high as 50 percent by the Haryana government. 

Haryana government. In this context, the Additional Chief Secretary of the Haryana Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Department Dr. Sumita Mishra informed that the special grant scheme has been enacted by the government to enhance the production of dragon fruits. 

As part of this, a budget of 120,000 rupees per acre has been allocated to the dragon orchard fruit.

This way you will get the benefit of a subsidy.

In this program, 500,00 will be provided for the planting of saplings and 700,00 per acre for the Trawling system. 

To plant saplings the grant of 50k will be distributed over three years in the form of 30,000 the first year and Rs 10,000 in the following year, and Rs 10,000 the year following. This amount of grant will be granted to farmers who have 10 acres.

Where to apply for the benefit of subsidy

To receive a subsidy for cultivating dragon fruit farmers in the state, it’s required to sign up on the ‘Meri-Fasal-Mera Byora‘ website. 

The grant will be awarded on a “first come first basis. Farmers can take advantage of the scheme by applying on the website of the Horticulture Department

Where to contact for more info regarding the scheme

Farmers can call 1800-180-2021, the toll-free number for more information about the program. Farmers can also contact their District Horticulture Officer for their district.

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