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What is the state government’s diesel subsidy scheme? and how farmers will get benefit from it?

Monsoon season has begun. This time, however, the monsoon is only active in certain states. In some states, the monsoon’s activation has not been seen yet. 

In this scenario, due to the absence of rainfall in the states, it is evident that the sowing rate of Kharif is declining. 

Up to now, even 50% of Kharif sowing is not carried out in these areas. At present, the state that comprises Bihar along with Uttar Pradesh is facing drought conditions.

In this scenario such a situation, in this situation, the Bihar government has decided to provide diesel subsidies to farmers for the benefit of farmers. 

This will allow farmers in irrigating their crops, and will also lower the cost of cultivating. We are providing details about the diesel subsidy program within Bihar to ensure that farmers in the state can benefit from it.

Subsidy Scheme On Diesel Farmers Will Get Subsidy On Diesel From The Government

Sowing of these crops is being affected in Bihar

According to reports in the media the sowing of paddy and jute as well as other Kharif crops is directly affected by the absence of monsoon rains in Bihar. 

The state of Bihar. Due to the drought in Bihar State farmers are unable to plant their crops on the one hand but on the other side, they are unable to provide water to the sown crops. 

Because of this, it is decided that Bihar State Government is planning to provide subsidies for irrigation. Bihar State Government is going to offer diesel subsidies to farmers to use for irrigation.

Meeting to deal with irregular monsoon and drought situation

Bihar Agriculture Minister Amarendra Pratap Singh held a review meeting to discuss the possibility of drought in the event of an unpredictable monsoon condition in Bihar.

The minister was informed at the meeting that up to June 11, 2022, Bihar has experienced an average of 33 percent less rainfall than usual which has led to the situation of drought in Bihar. 

To save farmers from the plight of drought, the minister discussed offering electricity to farmers with no interruptions and also providing a 100% subsidy to farmers for diesel to use for irrigation as well as seeds for other alternatives to crops.

How much subsidy will farmers get on diesel

To enable farmers in the state to water their crops in case of drought to ensure that their crops are adequately irrigated, it is the Bihar administration has decided to offer subsidies on the purchase of diesel. 

In this regard the reason, it was approved by the Bihar government to provide a subsidy for diesel based on the cultivation of the crops. 

In this regard, the government has decided on how much subsidy for diesel crop-wise. It is as follows:

  • Farmers will be provided with an amount of Rs 60 per liter, for two irrigations of jute and paddy. In the case of 10 to 11 liters worth of diesel purchased the subsidy will be Rs 600/irrigation i.e. between Rs. 1200 and Rs.1200 in two waterings will be paid.
  • However, there are three irrigations for oilseed crops, pulses, seasonally-grown vegetables, and aromatic and medicinal plants the grant amount of Rs 1800 will be provided in the amount of Rs.600 per irrigation. The process for approval of the diesel subsidy scheme has started.

Required Terms and Conditions for Diesel Subsidy Scheme

To qualify for diesel subsidy farmers need to adhere to certain conditions and terms, which are:

  • Farmers must enter them the address, name and father’s name, etc. to apply online.
  • The data provided in the application process should be linked to the bank details Aadhar card.
  • Diesel subsidy can be divided into three categories.
  • Self Farmers are required to upload the Khasra number as well as account number, the total irrigation area, and the name of two nearby farmers as well as the receipt of diesel to receive diesel subsidy.
  • Shareholder Farmers in the sharecroppers will need to submit the details of Khasra number and account number, as well as the total irrigated area and diesel Rashid, and two farmers, along with a verification document.
  • For self as well as sharecropper position first-class information must be filled in.

This should be the eligibility to get subsidy on diesel

  • The applicant must have a residency in Bihar state.
  • The farmer must have an account at a bank that is nationalized within the state.
  • It is important to link your bank account to your Aadhar card. Aadhar card.
  • The farmer who is applying for a job must own at least one acre of land for agriculture.
  • The tenants will not be able to benefit from this plan.

What documents will be required to get subsidy on diesel

Farmers must apply for subsidies on diesel. To do this, they’ll need to submit several documents, that are listed below:

  • Aadhar ID card issued by the farmer who is applying
  • Certificate of the farm’s residence
  • Copy of the bank passbook to details of bank account
  • Land papers for agriculture
  • Voter ID Card
  • the mobile number associated with the aadhar 
  • Two passport-sized photos of the farmer
  • diesel seller’s receipt

Where to apply for diesel subsidy / subsidy in Bihar

The farmers of Bihar state who are eligible for a subsidy on diesel will have to apply online by visiting its official website 

We inform you that, at the moment, the decision was taken by Bihar’s Bihar government. Applications are scheduled to be received to apply for this scheme shortly. 

To learn more about the program, farmers should contact the nearest department of agriculture within their district.

Additionally, Bihar farmers can also learn more about the scheme through the call center at 1800-180-1551.

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