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Know full information about the government’s animal husbandry scheme and how it will benefit you.

Different schemes are run through the federal government to encourage animal husbandry. Through these programs, the government encourages farmers to get involved in agriculture as well as animal husbandry to ensure that the earnings of farmers will increase. 

In this manner, the subsidy benefits are provided to farmers by the Government of Madhya Pradesh and Haryana through various schemes relating to cattle, buffalo, and horse rearing.

In this scheme, as much as 50 percent of the subsidy is provided to farmers. We are providing details on the subsidy scheme for the rearing of buffalo, cows, and cattle in the Madhya Pradesh and Haryana governments.

Farmers Will Get 50% Subsidy For Cow, Buffalo Rearing

The government will provide 10,800 rupees every year for rearing a cow

Farmers get benefits of a subsidy of as high as 50 percent for raising cows by the Madhya Pradesh government. 

To help with this, an amount of $900 monthly will be offered to the farmer by the government of Madhya Pradesh. 

This means that an amount of 10,800 will be offered to farmers who raise cattle during the year. With this money, the farmer will be able to purchase feed for his livestock. This will reduce the cost that is spent on buying fodder. 

50 percent subsidy will be provided for buying buffalo

Based on media reports According to media reports, according to media reports, the Madhya Pradesh government is getting Murrah buffaloes from Haryana. 

If a farmer who raises cattle decides to purchase these, they will receive subsidies up to 50 % of the cost. 

This is why special advantages will be offered to owners of cattle belonging to the ST, ST category. According to this 75 percent of the benefit will be granted to those who belong to this category. 

Let us say that the price of the Murrah buffalo is approximately 1 lakh rupees. It offers up to 12-15 liters of milk over a day. 

In this program, the cattle owner can purchase two buffaloes. The requirement in this scheme is that it is required for the owner of the cattle to keep the buffalo for five years.

25 thousand rupees will be given on buying a desi cow

In Haryana there is a financial aid of 25 thousand rupees will be provided to cattle farmers to purchase indigenous cattle. 

In addition, drums will be made available for the production of manure from the wastes of cattle rearers. 

In this regard, Governor Xavier Bey has decided to offer a subsidy of up to 25 lakh rupees to farmers to buy indigenous cattle. 

In addition, four big drums will also be given at no cost to farmers to develop the Jeevamrut solution for natural agriculture. 

Only farmers with between 2 and 5 acres of land are eligible to take advantage of this scheme. It is important to know that this time, the State government is setting a goal to encourage natural farming on 50 million acres of land within the state.

The money will be accessible from the government, even after the dairy is opened to buffalo, cow

In Haryana, there is aid from the government to open an auxiliary dairy unit that is 3/5/10 milch animals. 

In this program, a 25 percent subsidy is provided on the amount of the loan to the cattle farmers who raise the cattle.

 Additionally, fifty percent of the subsidy is offered on the indigenous cow according to the laws that the government has set. 

The age of the owner who is applying for this subsidy should be between 18 and 55 years. Applications for this type of permit can be done via Local Area Veterinary Medicine.

Help will also be available on opening a mini dairy of three animals

Haryana State government offers the benefits of subsidy to cattle farmers to start a mini dairy. However, it is available by Scheduled Caste cattle breeders. 

In the scheme, a loan subsidy as high as 50% is offered for the borrowed amount for the opening of a mini dairy consisting of three animals. 

The applicant’s age under this scheme has to be between 18 and 55 years old. The applications for this scheme will be processed by Local Area Veterinary Medicine.

75 percent subsidy will be provided for opening 50 animals hi-tech dairy

Similar to that, a 75 percent subsidy is expected from the state government to open an advanced dairy unit with 50 animals.

 Any jobless person within the age range between 18 and 55 is eligible to apply. The applications will be processed by Public Area Veterinary Medicine. In this plan interest for five years will be due on 75 percent of the loan amount.

Documents required for application which are as follows

  • Application
  • Agreement deed
  • Affidavit
  • Age certificate
  • Aadhar card
  • Pan card
  • Two latest passport-size photographs
  • Bank passbook
  • Report of sarpanch and patwari

Where to contact to take benefit of the scheme

  • To avail of these programs, farmers should get in touch with their local Animal Husbandry Department and from there they will receive specific information on these schemes.

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