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Know how much subsidy will be received from the government on seed drill machine

Sowing of paddy is now underway in several states. In this situation, farmers are being urged to plant paddy using a seed drill machine. Sowing using a seed drill reduces water consumption and provides a high yield. 

With this in mind, it is the reason why the Haryana government has provided the benefits of subsidies on seed drill machines to farmers.

The Haryana government has informed the farmers who cultivate paddy to do direct sowing of paddy using the seed drill machine they will receive grants at Rs.4000 per acre.

This means that the benefits of subsidy are also given to farmers who sow paddy using DSR or a seed drill. 

Similar to this the Punjab government will also provide the amount of 1500 rupees per acre for farmers for direct sowing of paddy.

Sow Paddy With Seed Drill, Know Full Details Of Subsidy On Seed Drill

How much grant is available on DSR and seed drill machine

A grant of up to 40,000 will be made available to farmers who use DSR machines. DSR machine. This grant will be provided to those who have registered for subsidy for Meri Fasal Mera Byora.

Additionally, subsidies are also provided by the government on seed drill machines. In this scheme, as much as 50 percent of the subsidy is offered to farmers. 

In the scheme, a 50 percent subsidy is provided to women, SC/ST, and small/marginal farmers, with an amount of up to the amount of Rs 20,000. 

Other groups of farmers receive an amount equal to 40% of the price, which amounts to the maximum amount of Rs 16,000.

machine used for direct sowing of paddy

Many types of machines are arriving in the market for direct sowing of paddy. The machines which are used for direct sowing of paddy are as follows.

  • DSR Machine
  • Seed Drill Machine
  • Happy seeder 
  • Multicrop Seed Drill
  • Bullock Driven Seed Drill
  • Rotary disc drill
  • Zero till drill 

What is the method of direct sowing of paddy?

The direct sowing and sowing of the paddy may be done in two different ways These are as follows

The first method

Direct paddy seeding can be accomplished using 2 methods. In the first method, seeds are sown using the drill machine, using a leveling device. 

The field is then leveled using equipment for leveling the land. One thing to keep to be in the mind of all is that there must have enough water in the field before the moment of sowing.

The second method 

This method is where the germinated seeds are sowed through a drum-seeder using levees on the field. The paddy field must be leveled before sowing. 

Indirectly sowing paddy seeds should be sowed at the depth of 2-3 cm. When direct sowing is done by machine row to row distance is 18-22 cm, and the distance between plants is 5-10cm. This way, the paddy is sowed in the field that is dry after making the field ready for the rains.

What will be the benefit of sowing paddy with DSR or seed drill machine

The direct sowing method of paddy needs less water, which in turn reduces the price. Direct sowing techniques save 20-25 percent of water when compared with the transplanting methods since there is no requirement to continuously water the field once the paddy is sowed using this method. 

This method allows farmers can easily sow their crops with the addition of fertilizer as well as seeds on the zero-tillage machines. This helps save seeds and requires fewer fertilizers, thereby reducing the expense of cultivation.

The demand for Seed Drill Machines from these companies is high.

  • Khedut Seed Drill
  • Landforce Turbo Seeder (Roto Till Drill)
  • Shaktiman Mechanical Seed Drill 
  • Fieldking Disc Seed Drill
  • KS Group Seed Drill
  • Sonalika Roto Seed Drill
  • Bakshish Rotavator with Seed Tiller

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