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Claas will be offering their Terra Trac friction drive track from its range of combines to its Axion 900 tractor series, which includes the Axion 900 TT. This makes the first half-track tractor that has full suspension.

In addition, the company announced the newly announced Trion 740 combine. It is a Class 7 machine specifically designed for small to mid-sized farms with an emphasis on soybean and corn production.

Claas Announces New Tractor And Combine For 2023

“Innovative and efficient, as well as reliable and bold are some of the phrases I’d like to employ to define these two products: Trion 740 as well as the Axion 900 Trion TT,” says Eric Raby the senior vice president of Claas.

“By taking note of the requirements from our clients and putting our best ideas to the field of research as well as development Claas offers customers two products that are truly innovative which will help them enhance their farming operations to new heights of efficiency.”


The latest Axion 900 TT has been made to provide better flotation, traction, user comfort, and soil protection by using its track for driving.

“We depend on our customers to continually improve our creation and development of new products” claims Drew Fletcher, tractor product manager at Claas.

“Through thorough testing and finding the many benefits of this product when compared to other brands We’re happy to launch.”


The most noticeable change for this Axion tractor would be the inclusion of the Terra Trac design, which is also used in different Claas machines.

The front wheel and the rear track have independent suspensions which help the 900 TT to have lower soil pressure and less disturbance while also increasing the traction.

The Terra Trac on the 900 TT also features a bigger rear driver wheel, which enhances the area of contact between the plates and the inside of the track.

Different from the combines these wheels for the 900 TT are being spoked rather than solid, which helps in taking debris off the track. Individual tracks are modular, which means that if the rubber becomes chunked by debris, it can be repaired individually.

In conjunction with the cab suspension that has four points and tracks that are fully suspended, the 900 TT is a pleasant ride for Claas. Similar to other Claas vehicles that have the Terra Trac, the wheels within the tracks utilize hydraulic pistons.

“These rollers can be moved up and down and they can smile or ‘frown’ when it travels over the changes in soil and also through waterways, we will assure constant ground contact,” says Fletcher.

When I took it on an initial test ride around Claas the testing facility I saw a few bumps and jolts in the experience compared to a conventional tractor.

Another unique feature of the Axion 900 The TT has a height-adjustable drawbar with the press of the button. This feature makes it easier to hook up when connecting tools without the use of tools to adjust.

The 900 GT is powered by the Cursor9, an 8.7 liter FPT engine that maintains the efficiency of a low-speed, high-torque design with 1,400 RPM.

The CVT with four modes of CLIMATIC transmission is engineered to reduce fuel consumption, but never uses less than 60 percent mechanical drive or greater than 40 percent hydraulic drive, as per Fletcher.


The brand new Trion 740 comes with a class 7 combination designed to meet the requirements of 1,000up to 3000 acres of operations. It is an amalgamation of the familiar Claas components, as well as modern technology.

“The Class 7 market segment for combine has been long in need of new ideas,” says Greg Frenzel the combine’s product manager at Claas.

“The new design of the company’s combine revitalizes the market by offering Claas innovations in an unbeatable crop flow style on an affordable and durable chassis.”


The brand new Trion incorporates individually controlled cylinders separate threshing and rotor separating within one machine.

Threshing adjustments are adjusted in line to adapt to changing conditions during the day. The tri-cylinder machine can guide a 56-inch wide crop mat across concave grates and into one rotor, making sure that the grain is delivered to the tank.

The Trion 740 is fitted with a 402 horsepower Cummins 9-liter engine that gives more torque at low RPMs. The unit can accommodate 12 rows of chopping corn heads, or draper headers as wide as 40′ wide.

The combine also features a 3.8 bushel/second loading rate, and the grain tank is 341 bushel. The top speed on the road at 19 miles per hour, which means the combine can move across fields swiftly.

A quick turn that is accessible from outside function lets change between corn harvest and soybeans in just five seconds. This keeps idle time during midday to an absolute minimum.

The cab is also modernized to meet the 740 models. For better visibility, the seating position is further back inside the cab. It also can now pivot. The A-pillar design is smaller, which limits to a smaller portion of your view. Foot pegs are now available inside the cabs for operators to put their feet on and more.

“The Cab is truly an office of the farmer in the summer, so we’d like to ensure that it’s comfortable for the farmers and ensure they’re satisfied with it,” says Frenzel.

The reliability of the machine was a major prioritization in the design of Claas when they launched this Trion design.

The new model includes longer greasing intervals and extended wear parts to reduce downtime. The 740 also comes with active slope compensation, and low consumption of fuel to reduce operating costs.


The Claas Axion 900 TT series is available in various configurations. The 930 TT, and 960 Tracking, measure 350 and 440 horsepower and 350 hp, respectively.

They are available to purchase with Terra Trac. Terra Trac with 25- 29, 29-, or 35-inch belts. Belts that are 18 inches are expected to be available by 2023.

Claas Trion 740 Claas Trion 740 combination is available as a standard model, or equipped with Terra Trac, and is available for purchase now. For more information, visit

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