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Will help farmers to increase yield and income

Due to the current weather conditions, an advisory was released through the Agricultural Research Institute.In this advisory, farmers are advised to cultivate crops that are suitable for the time of year.

In addition,the information was shared on the things to be considered when cultivating this season. This article is about the advice issued by agricultural scientists to farmers using farming.

Farmers grow these crops this week

According to experts in the field of agriculture, the farmers should plant fodder crops this week. Farmers can benefit from a good harvest by sowing fodder crops this week. 

Farmers can plant jowar to provide fodder this coming week. Farmers can sow Pusa Chari-6, Chari-9, or other hybrid varieties.

In addition, farmers can also plant cowpeas at this time of year. This is also ideal for that. If the field is in good condition farmers can sow beans, radish, and spinach amaranth.

Agricultural Scientists Have Issued New Advisory For Farming - Know Complete Information

These varieties can be selected for fodder crop

Farmers must select improved varieties to ensure better sowing. Farmers can select these varieties following the time of the year. They are as follows:

  • Cowpea Pusa Sukomal
  • Guar’s Pusa Nav Bahar, Durga Bahar
  • Radish Pusa Chetki
  • Bean Pusa 2 Pusa Bean-3
  • Spinach Pusa Bharti
  • The Chaulai’s Pusa Lal Chaulai Pusa Kiran

Pumpkin class vegetables will also get good benefits

Alongside fodder crops, farmers can also earn returns by growing pumpkin-related vegetables in the present time. With pumpkins, farmers can plant gourd, bitter gourd cilantro, and luffa.

You can choose these varieties of vegetables

If farmers have made that they want to grow pumpkin-based crops, they must use only improved seeds. 

To help with this, improved varieties are offered here. Farmers can make use of them. They are as follows:

  • Gourd – Pusa Naveen, Pusa Prosperity
  • Bitter gourd – Pusa special, Pusa do seasonal
  • Sitaphal – Pusa faith, Pusa development
  • Torai – Pusa Sneha

Farmers should do this work this week

  • Work on raising the scaffolding using pumpkin-type vegetables.
  • During this time, constantly be aware of the jassid, mite, and hopper pests that are present in the baelwali, chili, and okra crops. Spray imidacloprid when there are more pests. Remember that the sky must be free of clouds at the time of applying the pesticide.
  • At this time of year, 5.0 ml is mixed with manure from dung pits that are prepared to plant new orchards of fruit. Mix chlorpyrifos into one liter of water, then place it in the pits, then fill the pits with water. To guard against the termites as well as white braids. Get transplanting plants from a licensed institution only.
  • If the paddy’s nursery is between 20 and 25 days old, begin the process of transplanting it to the field.
  • Make sure that there is a proper drainage system installed in nurseries for vegetables and pulses so that the water doesn’t collect in one location.

collect rain water

Farmers must create a space in their field during the season of rain, in which rainwater is stored. To do this, farmers could build a pond in their fields. 

This will allow farmers to keep rainwater in the pond to be used to sow crops when there is a lack of rain. 

Also, explain that the government offers assistance to farmers for the building of ponds on the field.

Do not do any spraying in the fields now

In the event of a forecast for rain in the coming days, agriculturalists shouldn’t spray any type of pesticide in their fields at this time. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s related to pesticides or control. Spraying insecticide in such conditions does not provide a full effect on crops. In the same way, spraying the insecticide could cause harm to us.

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